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One project, three challenges


approximately 7,500km.


be self-sufficient in energy during the journey.


raise funds for an organization and provide content to share with children.

The Ride4What events

During the journey, fundraising events for the association will be organized via the Decathlon community platform.

There will be a total of seven events in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

The program will be a ride in your area, taking the time to enjoy to the benefit of the children of the Lighthouse.

The Sporting Challenge

As for the sporting challenge, it is the one that is the easiest to explain. My itinerary plans to start from the most easterly point of Canada to reach the Pacific coast, in Tofino, riding over 7,250 km. I give myself 4 months for this crossing with stages ranging from 70 to 150 km, adjusted according to the difficulties encountered. A certain discipline, both nutritional and physical will be followed to reach the end. It is only by adding all these details end to end that I will realize this challenge.

The Ecological Challenge

The ecological challenge came naturally to me by choosing this way of transport: bicycle, including its constraints and its advantages. Physical constraint becomes an advantage thanks to the use of dynamo. And the bulky luggage will be a perfect support for a nomadic solar panel. Equipped with such tools, I should be able to meet my energy needs for this project.

The social challenge

The social challenge is the one that is the dearest to my heart, otherwise, the project would not be. For this expedition, I will ride for the organization The Lighthouse, Children and Families which has the mission to offer all the care and services to children requiring pediatric palliative care, throughout their life, offering their families support, respite and bereavement. Riding for Le Phare is not just about collecting donations for them, but also about creating content and having some interaction with children: Sharing my adventure as best I can by sending them regular videos and photos. This content will allow me to feed an Instagram account to create a community around this project, raise awareness.

Let’s work together to make it real!

These three challenges may seem large but at the same time so small regarding the mission that Le Phare has set itself. It is only by building together with the meaning of this project that we can achieve our aspiration: to make it as great as possible. Nevertheless, this project necessarily has a cost and this is where you enter the scene! If you would like to contribute to this crazy idea, please contact me. Know that there are possible counterparts before, during and after this adventure may be discussed.

After establishing my itinerary and my needs for the project, I developed a budget. The detailed version is available upon request. Out of the total of 14 000$, I can deduct 3,000$ thanks to Decathlon who is providing me with the material. I still have to find $11,000. And it is now that I am counting on you. 

Let’s work together to find the best way to make this partnership a win-win solution for both parts.

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